software design & development, inc.
We are an outstanding team of people who craft software solutions that transform processes, workflows and businesses.

At our core: Who we are and what we do

We are a small team of technology professionals, delivering complex custom business solutions to a diverse customer base. We pride ourselves in being lean, efficient and competitive. Our client base has an amazing range, from startups to large enterprises, in many sectors of industry across North America, and we are passionate about providing our services to every level of business we work with. Since 2002, we have been working with our customers to develop business tools that are completely unique and customized to their business needs, delivering quality software with proven results.

We develop custom software – but custom software development isn’t just about cranking out thousands of lines of code - it is much more than that. We believe that successful solutions require connecting with our customers, helping them find the right solutions and technology, and making it easy for them to move forward with tools to reach a higher level of performance, efficiency and impact.

Core Services

Complete Custom Solutions

The total package - from design to delivery of your own custom software solution


Providing consulting for all areas of software development and design. Leverage our expertise to help your business find the right solutions.


Augment your team with any one of us to meet those fast-approaching deadlines.

Project Management

Bring us on to get a hold on your project and manage it through to the end.

Our Process

1. Discover

Fill us in on the problem, and together we can look at the ways we can find the solution. Often this results in a scope and estimate of the project ahead of us.

2. Plan & Design

Here, we look more in depth into the the architecture of the project, where we want to go, and when the project delivers. This process creates the foundation for the cycle of work to come, as well as identifies any issues early on, to ensure resolutions and smooth build cycles.


At this stage, we’re ready to apply our strongest skills and write those lines of code that get us from nothing to everything. We adopt a few different processes to make this happen, both agile and classic waterfall method, depending on the client and needs. Rest assured, here is where we shine, and that shine is on every product we deliver.

4. Launch

Finally, as the project nears completion, we deliver your product to your business. We work with you to put the finishing touches on the product, and stick with you to support the project as it becomes an effective part of your business.

Core Technologies

We specialize in Microsoft Development Platform Technologies. Our most commonly used toolkit includes Microsoft.NET, C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server. In addition, we often augment solutions with other technologies such as JavaScript/jQuery, AJAX, HTML, HTML5, XML/XSL, JSON and more.

    • Client Software
      • Browser (& Mobile Browser)
        • HTML, HTML5
        • JavaScript, jQuery
      • Desktop
        • WinForms
        • .NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
      • Mobile - iOS and Android
        • Xamarin
        • Ionic
    • Application Services
      • Web Presentation/UX Services
        • ASP.NET Web Forms & Web Pages
        • ASP.NET MVC
      • Services
        • ASP.NET Web API (REST)
        • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
      • Reporting
        • Crystal Reports
        • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
    • Infrastructure Services
      • Storage
        • SQL Server
        • Oracle
        • MySQL
        • MS Access
        • File System
      • App/Web Server
        • IIS (Web Server)
      • Security
        • Authentication
        • Custom Authentication
    • Deployment Environments
      • On Premises
      • Private or Public Cloud
      • Hosted